• I accept payment through PayPal Invoices (Main Source), and Cash App.
• I have the right to decline your commission request if there seems to be too many complications. Please, do not take it personally.
• PSD (Photoshop) files can be given at an additional fee of $100 extra. This is rights to my work, step by step.
• Work In Progresses (W.I.P) can only be requested for free upon one or more conditions:

× Commissioned piece costs more than **$100+**
× I, myself, am unsure if the character/OC of the commission is drawn correctly from the given references. **(Please refrain from sending obscure references on purpose or I will cancel your commission!!)**

» A commission that does not meet any of the conditions requires a fee of **$10**, as it can slow down the work flow or bring unnecessary changes. This can be sent through Paypal as a tip if you are sure you'll know how many times you want to peek at the commission work.
» If you commission me, you agree to trust in me with your art piece.

• Requesting a change in artwork after it is finished will result in additional fees to make changes to your work, provide as much information as you can.
• There will be no negotiating of prices. 
• If for any reason that you are unable to provide the full payment, I will allow a payment plan for you. I will not start on the art piece until I have the entire full payment. I do not recommend commissioning if you do not have the money for it.



Payments will be made to the plan, but during such, I will not start on the commission until it is paid in full.


• If there is a need to refund your payment, refunds will follow through on one condition: If I have not started anything on the commission.
• I have any and all rights to use your commission for examples or portfolio works. If you do not wish for me to do so, I can compromise with an additional fee of $75 for you to have the only copy of the artwork. In this case, this means no changes can be made after the work is done regardless of additional payments for them.
• Once the commissioner is in possession of their commission, they and myself are allowed to post it anywhere they please for their own use, along with credit of myself [ The Artist ].
•Just don't rush me.

×Time Turn-Around ETA: 

» Painted Portraits can be finished within Five (5) days (depending on the OC/Content). Any longer and you will be notified. 
» Anime styled portraits that is shaded and detailed can take up to two days (depending on the content).

» Deadlines are no problem for me; if they are due sooner than the estimated Turn-Around Time, extra fees will be applied.


• If what you want to commission is not covered within the prices, please, feel free to ask and we can discuss further in detail.
• Commissioners must understand and agree to the Terms & Services, No exceptions, no negotiations, no excuses.
• Terms & Services are subject to change. 
• Rights of the artwork will be entitled to me unless expressed otherwise.

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