Le'Shea D. Pollack-Fuqua

Greetings! My name is Le`Shea, or Shea for short, and I am a freelancing artist. Art has always been my passion since I was eight years old. I'm currently 23, and I still have this burning passion for art, digitally and traditionally. 

I mostly work with digital work now, as traditional work is more of a standby and hobby for more personal works, but I wouldn't hesitate to try and traditionally draw commissions if it's truly requested.

I enjoy working with character designs and concepts, digital painting, anime-esque styles, and working on illustrations, to further expand my arsenal for art.

You can get into contact with me through Email, Social Medias, or Discord, easily found on the Home page under all social media. My most active is Discord, so look for that first! 


Aside from art though, I do love gaming, and streaming both games and art, so look for those too. If anyone's interested in the games I play, do get into contact with me as well! I'm happy to make new gaming pals.

Shoshana D. Pollack

My rising sunshine. She's the one that brought me here, and did a lot of investing in my dreams, even if they seem to be a dead end. She invests in all of my hobbies, and never thinks twice about the support and praise. She helps me keep going when times are hard, and has been one of the biggest role models in my life.

She's a caring mother, looking to care for any child she comes across when they're friends with me, and often extends her motherhood toward them without a second doubt. 

Although she can be feisty at times, she's very kind hearted and very giving to those who need and deserve it. She always puts my brother and I before her, and never thinks about herself until we have to force her to. 

She's a very, very, very pleasant woman, and a very hard worker, and hasn't pushed me to do anything I didn't want to do, and encouraged everything I wanted to do. She always makes it a habit to remind me that she'll never rush me to do anything; and that I can be comfortable in making choices that I want to make. I love her to death, and I'd never leave her behind when I finally make it out there.


It was a rough start, but he still supports what I wanted to do, and looks to encourage the things I do, and want to do.


It was because of him that I initially picked up drawing, and pursued it as a career instead of a hobby.


I used to watch him draw many things, many characters and draw many things for my mom back then.


I used to watch him color his coloring books and large posters, and seeing he still does that, it's kept me inspired to continue to line of artists in the family, and make it more than a hobby, but a career that I want to keep going through the family.


It's thanks to him that I could get started, and I'll never stop giving him my thanks, as a friend, and a father.


Hawk J. Fuqua, SR

2010 - present
2010 - present

This is my strong arm; my backbone. He's not afraid to let me know what's up and sees the things that I can't, or don't.


He means everything to me, and I'd jump through hell and back for this guy. He inspires me to keep going forward, and continue my hard work in art when I always wanted to give up. He's always there for me, and makes sure that I can make it through the days ahead, every day.


Even though I used to blow him off for many other things, he still stood right there with me, and waited for me to come back around when I was at my lowest.


Even though he did throw in a lot of "I told you so"s, he still remains to be my best friend and my brother. I'd never treat him the way I did in the past anymore. He has my priority and my attention more than anyone.


Aside from that, he gets along with anyone; a real people person, and a really supportive guy. I love him all the same as my little brother, and I'm working to make up the time I didn't spend with him.


JoShan E. Pollack-Fuqua

Hazyl Grace

This is Hazyl. My precious bean, who always keeps me on my toes and keeps me more active than I normally would be.


She has paid tribute to my motivation as an artist, and as a person overall. She might be full of energy to tear things up, but it's that energy that helps me keep going with everyone else.


I look forward to many, many more years with her. I love her with all of my heart and more, and provide for her when I can.


She's preparing me to be a mother in the future someday, and for that, I also thank her.


I enjoy posting pictures of her, especially in Discord, so if you're ever looking for more pictures of her, remember the discord server!

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